Tips on Web Design Solutions

Web Design SolutionsWeb designing is an unstructured business which allows anyone to set himself up as web designer. Only an imaginative and talented web designer can help you in owning a cracking web site of superior quality. You might feel the requirement of a web site with grand style to help your business grow in this competitive business era. You will come across legion of web designers coming up with their unique design. And it is a huge task to hire the most dependable player among the group of best.

Now that companies are struggling to get ahead of their competitors in a cutthroat competition, most of them feel the need that they have to effectively market their products and services for them to lead the pack. Nonetheless, the fact still remains that a majority of them seek for affordable means of advertising and attracting new consumers.

Numerous business owners, from small-scale to big time companies, are now relying on the magic of the Internet for an effective and affordable marketing service.

However, unless you are knowledgeable of the knacks of the industry, you may still find your self spending more than you ought to on web design solutions. So take into consideration the following tips on how you can employ inexpensive web design services in constructing a large customer base.

1. Opt for a Simple Website

Your business’ official website does not need to be adorned with flashy animations and graphics just so you could attract new clients. Remember that people search for something that they need online; hence, they expect to see a webpage that focuses on the necessary product or service, not ostentatious videos and pictures.

2. Trust Best Web Design Group

Hiring a web design group that has been in the business for quite some time now is another tip that you definitely want to follow. This leads to getting excellent results as you do not need to constantly pay them for modifications or improvements to your website.

3. Know What You Want

Thinking about what you want beforehand helps you save more time, money and effort. If you know what you want to see on the website from the very beginning, then you can avoid wasting money for the site to be continuously modified.

There are some of the questions, for which you expect an affirmative answers from the web designer. Like,

  • Does the company have an idea about marketing?
  • Do they offer Search Engine Optimization?
  • Do they create all their sites with a Content Management System?
  • Do they offer copywriting services?

There are some other factors which should not be avoided, while choosing a good web designer. You should prefer those vendors who provide you with excellent assistance. And the cost factor is also very important. You do not want to pay them every time you ask for some aid.

A web site is undoubtedly a tremendously worth full asset. It can make or break your business. So, it is necessary to find a company who can understand your needs and deliver you the superior quality. By and large, there are numerous web design solutions to decide on. All you have to do is choose the right ones so that you can make your online presence more known on the Internet.

Selecting the Right Web Hosting Solution

It is not exactly necessary to repeat why a web hosting solution is important for your online business. The more pressing matter here is; how to make a wise decision on choosing the particular solution according to your requirements.

The usual plans which exist are largely headed under dedicated, shared and of course, the web hosting by a Virtual Private Server. The most important agenda for choosing such a solution should be in accord with what kind of requirements your business has. Nevertheless, it is advised to choose from the options listed below.

Shared Web Hosting

First, is the shared web hosting option. As suggested by the name, a single server houses a large number of websites. There is an option to put two different websites under different heads with the help of a separator. Since this solution is somewhat the low cost option available, many prefer this system and yes, the service is said to be good. The simple reason for its low prices is the division of the ownership and separate payment as well.

If your business is in the initial stages, it is highly recommended that you choose this. For people who have plans to stick to their limited budgets are also welcome to continue or start using Shared Web Hosting.

The best part about using this option is that, you can effectively get your prices slashed and handle the web traffic as well. Nevertheless, the option of solutions customized will be limited. Though you will undoubtedly be exposed to resources which are unlimited, there is of course no guarantee that you can be allowed to get whimsical about it. This type is more suited for people owning personal blogs and websites having very less content. Nonetheless, this solution is pocket friendly, but the resources are spread all over the users who own multiple sites.

VPS Web Hosting

A mixture of both dedicated web hosting and shared, this system allows you to operate the server as private. Nevertheless, the server remains the same and progresses to host the websites owned by others, sometimes multiple websites owned by the same person. However, the biggest advantage is that the server can be employed according to your wish, with the specified features provided.

Other advantages include better security, a sturdy performance on the part of your server and of course the freedom to employ customized solutions as per the wish and the need. The best features of dedicated hosting is somewhat embedded in VPS and yet the cost effectiveness of the shared system is present.

Needless to say that this web hosting solution is just much more efficient than either shared or dedicated web hosting. The results have also shown that VPS is steadily becoming a favorite among most users. Moreover, VPS curtails a big problem present in the shared hosting. VPS guarantees availability of the resources whenever needed. However, the resources are pretty limited as well. Most companies catering to the need suggest to choose a consumer plan in order to access more resources.

Key Factors in Determining the Quality of the Web Hosting Providers

Looking out for the right web hosting provider for your site is more complex and difficult than anyone would ever imagined. There are numerous web hosts out there with thousands and even millions of different web hosting plans with different server hosting, different features as well as with different prices. What we really need to look out is not the most advanced or the most expensive web host in this industry, but rather to focus on getting the right web host which can fulfill all your prioritized needs.

The primary goal of every web-master is to find their optimum web hosts whom are furnished with the right experience and services to match the business endeavors of the web-masters.

This article will highlight the key factors which are crucial to determine the quality of the web hosting providers. These information are especially useful for those who are new in this industry learning to identify a good web host with great quality for their site.

1. Seek advice and reviews from trust-worthy source –

The emergence of many web hosting reviewers over the internet today has enriched our wealth of knowledge on web hosting companies. Before you start to short-list your web hosts, it is wise to take into account the reviews and comments shared by some of the renowned web hosting reviewers. It is very easy to be blinded and misled by all those attractive advertisements from these web hosting companies in emphasizing their superior features and services, which normally are far from being true without validating it yourself.

2. Get the historical data and statistic –

Big corporations even go beyond seeking for the reviews from the online reviewers, instead they are actually looking out for the real historical statistics of these companies such as statistics on their incoming traffic, monthly sales and revenue, customers’ complaints, repeat customers, turn-around time in solving technical issues, server up-time, and many more. They believe in the statistic they see as the valid records on the host’s performance.

3. Stability and reliability –

In order to be assured on their ability to sustain the high quality and industry standard of their web hosting services, we seek for stable web hosting corporations with great reputation with at least 10 years of existence in this industry. It has been widely recognized that any long sustainable company must possess at least these 2 key factors – reliability and stability with healthy cash flow.

4. Respectable up-time of their website –

It is a known fact that uptime is a key factor in the online business world. Without the up-time, nothing can be accomplished because no business transactions are taken place, no traffic can access into your website to generate potential sales, no payments can be made by your customers online for their purchases. Downtime can be deemed as the worst nightmare of every web hosting providers and the web-users.

5. Supporting clients –

The verbal commitments provided by the web host in providing their fastest responses to issues, enquiries and requests should be taken lightly. Instead thorough inspections ought to be carried out before-hand through their ex-customers or existing clients before you are confident in getting the best rightful support for the web host in future.

Designing a Web Hosting Business Plan

Like any other business, a hosting also requires careful planning and design as guide for the entire operation. A good web hosting business plan contains these essential elements: the objectives of the web host, its target market, the methodology of how the business will operate, and the company’s profile and financial scheme.

Objectives of the Business

A good business plan is dependent on the laid-out objectives. Laying down the objectives will guide the web host in the conceptualization of marketing strategies in order for it to sell its services to the market. Also, determining the web host’s objectives or purpose enables people to delimit its company from exploring tactics that are unnecessary and off-tangent from the kind of services it promotes.

Another advantage of citing the objectives is that clients will be enticed to buy the services catered by the business. It gives the clients the complacency that, indeed, you know how to go about its hosting business (with relativity to its objectives).

Web Host Target Market

Your plan must contain the target market you want to penetrate in. Most companies invested efforts, money and time just to conduct surveys on the latest demands of its target market. This is called the consumer analysis. The results of these surveys will serve as the basis for the planning of the entire concept of the business. Also, knowing the profile of the target market will make the conceptualization of marketing strategies easier.


Most of the planning takes place here. What can be found mostly in methodology are the tactical and strategic plans to promote the products and services being sold by the web host. It should also be taken into consideration that web hosting business plan varies, depending on the type of website that the client wants to project.

It is also in methodology where clients will know how you would execute the important factors needed in rendering its web hosting services. These factors include the capacity of disk storage, data transfer speed, domains, database functionality, FTP accounts, and security and reliability features. Advertising and promotion also fall under methodology. Most of the time, web host companies give free services to its clients for a few days trial. This is one strategy in attracting more clients.

Company Profile and Financial Scheme

Company profile is also one important basis for choosing for a client. It is best to include your company profile (not failing to mention the office location) and the people (with their respective relevant experiences) who are manning it.

Your web hosting business plan must also include the financial aspects. Professional financial projections are important items that require a lot of planning to avoid short-backs of finances and logistics in the long run.

Creative Web Design for More Success

If one wants to make more profit in one’s online business, the best way to go about it is to adopt methods that are unique and out of the box. One effective way is to come up with a creatively designed website and it is always wise to go for a professional web designer when getting the web design done. There are too many instances where Internet advertising hasn’t delivered the desired results so one must rethink the way the items are presented on websites as mostly the presentation is the reason why revenue is slow to come.

It is best to hire a creative website designer who is totally capable of making a business venture successful and this is a fact that has been universally acknowledged. Most people on the Internet like to visit websites that have an attractive but well organized design. It’s a given that if people are attracted to the site, they are most likely to spend more time on it, read up on the business and become prospective customers who will invest in the products displayed on the website.

The best way to begin is to visit other successful websites and the compare one’s own website’s design with that of those websites. By doing this, one will find out that creative web design has already become quite popular with online businesses. This exercise will also make one aware of the competition. One must always keep this in mind when designing the website. If the web design is able to attract the attention of prospective customers, it will help in increasing the revenue. But it must also be remembered that the design also needs to be simple and user-friendly.

A lot of businesses allow clients to easily shop from their websites with very few steps and this easy flow of transaction is something that every designer needs to remember. It should be the aim to ensure that a visitor to the website comes back to make a transaction. In this regard, online businesses are like any other offline venture. It is equally important to choose a good website designer and a web development company that delivers the best creative designs for the site. But before one starts working on the design, the needs and the goals of the business owner must be made clear to the designer. The design needs to provide good navigation tools for the visitors and also make sure that the site is easily searchable so that the customers can find their way through the site easily and find all the information that they require. The presentation of all the data must be clearly done so that the visitors to the sites so that all their questions regarding the products are easily answered.

If a business is already online but is not making enough money, it is possible that the website is to blame. Consulting with an experienced website designer and/or developer might solve this problem.

Basic Web Designing Ideas to Build the Perfect Website

Web designing is one of the most critical aspects of a website. When someone wants to know more about a company, the first contact they have with the company or business is the website, hence the design must be very attractive and user friendly. Usability features equally play an important role as they will determine whether the visitor stays or leaves. Here are some all-time favorite web designing ideas to put into consideration when thinking of designing a website.

– The main rule of thumb of web design is to keep everything simple. Visitors to the website must find it easy and convenient to move within and without the website, something which is made possible by a simple and straightforward design.

– You should make the purpose of your site plain and straightforward, by placing core items and elements in the site and not flooding the website with useless and annoying pop-ups and advertisements.

– All pages should be designed in the most search engine friendly way possible to facilitate website ranking on the search engines.

– While an eye-catchy flash intro would be a great thing to have, it is advisable to minimize the use of flashy graphics as much as possible as they will only compromise on other important aspects of the website, such as web page loading speeds and stuff.

– The text on a website is what makes your web visitors understand what you have always wanted to communicate across. Needless to mention therefore, it is the core attraction for the whole website. Therefore, in order to make viewer experience comfortable, you should use average size fonts, big enough to be read clearly. Proper spacing between words should also be maintained.

– A good web design should have good customer support hence it should facilitate visitor and web master interaction.

– Website navigation is another equally important thing to keep in mind. It goes without saying that the navigation of a website must be user-friendly to facilitate good user experience.

– Your website should contain informative content i.e. you should give your website visitors the information that they are looking for so that they can make an informed decision.

– You should mention your contact details severally throughout the web pages as a way of building trust among your clients. Give out your email contact, phone number, office address, physical location etc to help your clients build trust in you.

– Last but not least, a good website design should be compatible with all browsers, hence when building website browser compatibility should be an important consideration to make.

Be advised that creating a website takes a lot of time and hard work thus you should invest your effort and time efficiently

Simple Web Design Can Help You Earn With Your Small Business

Having a business is a great way to earn money, especially when you get to work from home. Some simple web design tools can also work for you, to help you save money on a new website for your small business. If you have been putting off getting a website because you can’t afford the expense or because you aren’t experienced in web design now is the perfect time to use a website builder for your new website.

What If I Can’t Invest?

Running a small business can be challenging for both experienced and new business owners. If you are looking for an effective way to expand your business to earn more money, then simple web design creators can help you immensely. The designer will take care of all the hard work; you just need to send photos of your products and descriptions of the items to the designer. You will also want to include other information on your site, including a FAQ and contact information.

One of the best ways to get started in simple web design is to study other web pages. You will find that small business websites typically include some of the same basic information, such as contact information. Other business may also include a blog on their business website to help new customers learn about their products, as well. It is important to keep your customers informed of events and news in your industry. There are many websites that you can view to help you decide your overall website design.

Web Development Must for Creating Your Online Presence

Web development is today very important for anyone who wants to have an online presence. Creating your presence online is not a tough task now as it was before. You can start building your blogs and websites in just minutes and make them run online to get show of your presence in the global markets. This will help you in getting more exposure for your business and you would be getting more and more potential customers for your business with your web development and online presence.

In today’s competitive world of businesses each and every business has a web site for it. Everyone doing the online business wants to achieve the goals through their websites and better development works. It is for this reason that web development has to be done in accordance and with utmost care accordingly as the requirements of the clients. This can be achieved with the help of effective and attractive web development and designing work for your websites. You can therefore look for some of the professionals and experts in the field of web development that can serve you better for your growing business needs.

Creating your online presence is vital for you if you want to grow globally. You must be having your own business which is much successful nationally. But have you ever thought of the profits and success that you can achieve if you grow internationally targeting the global customers present worldwide. These customers can be easily made available for you through your effective online presence which of course requires a better developer for you.

The need for custom web development applications and organizations that provide these services are growing rapidly day by day. Hiring an expert for creating an online presence will make you expert and skilled in every field. Web developers and organizations can perform research for the various business requirements for you. They can easily help you to choose the right services and solutions which are helpful for your growth. Their creative team and experts are skilled in various technologies that you may need in future for growing your business online through better web development. These technologies such as HTML, DHTML, ASP,, PHP, CSS, Flash, Photoshop, and JavaScript are easily available for your business when you need them.

Effective web development and services can easily enhance the online presence of your organization or business and help you to grow in a more streamlined manner. It also helps you in knowing your customers better which proves to be profitable for your business in future. These are the services which are made better by them by using latest high tech technologies your business needs to have. You should therefore look out at the best services offered to you online. These services can be easily available for you at cheap price if you search for them. You just have to look and compare the best ones for your web development work that makes your online presence effective and fruitful.

Cheap Web Development Services Maybe Not the Best Choice

Web development services have become a rage these days as almost every business wants to have a website to tap into the growing breed of online surfers. However, when it comes to web development, cutting costs may not always be the best option. There is nothing wrong in seeking cheap web development services but you should never compromise on quality in your quest to cut down on cost.

To begin with, many cheap web service providers often do not have people with the requisite expertise or experience on their pay rolls. This means that though these companies accept projects and make tall claims, they fall short on delivering the same. So, before selecting a specific company, you should check the portfolio of its work done and make sure that it has the required technical know-how and experienced professionals on board to do justice to the job.

Cheap web development companies often compromise on quality. By offering low cost, many of these companies deliver a half baked job, and hand over a website that is not browser friendly or has a complex navigation and user interface. No wonder that you will have to go all over again and may even need to pay another designer to fix the problems.

Thus, instead of cutting costs by hiring cheap web development services, you may end up paying far more than you have bargained for. It is not uncommon to find cheap web development services creating a website that is nowhere close to what your vision was. Remember – building your website needs much more creativity and foresight than just putting some fancy designs and plug-ins here and there.

Apart from focusing on your USP and a user friendly interface, the design should also match your corporate persona and bring forth the intended message. Web development services offering you prices that look like a steal often do not have that much of time to invest in understanding your detailed needs. Since they are always in a hurry to deliver the job and hop onto the next project, they take little time in asking questions or creating the site based on your feedbacks.

So, people hiring cheap service providers often have to ask for repeated changes as the final product seems to come short of their expectations or is full of elements that were never asked for. Many such web design providers usually don not have the adequate knowledge of SEO. In today’s cut throat competitive world, you will lose the initial battle if you do not have a SEO friendly site that can be crawled by web spiders without hassle. Having a great looking website will not serve a single purpose if your potential customers are unable to find it on the web.

So, before hiring web development services that offer cheap prices, ask them about their basic optimizing techniques and what SEO results or advantages they can bring to the table. Perhaps you now know why hiring a company that offers cheap web development services isn’t always the best deal that you can get.

Something Makes Web Designers Professional

Tens of thousands of people all over the world claim to be web designers, so how can you be sure your website designers are professional and are going to provide you with a quality service? With all the advances that are occurring every day in web site design and development, website designers need to have much more than just a general knowledge of the internet and far greater than average HTML skills.

When the internet first boomed in the late 80s and early 90s, it was common for anyone who had prepared or maintained their own website to be seen as an industry leader. Those who knew what HTML was and how to set up a web server were considered the most advanced of webpage designers, and, due to the limited scope of the internet at the time, they probably were at the top of their game. Not so today.

Today it is much easier for anyone to establish a website and call themselves a website designer. They do not even necessarily need to know basic HTML. They only need a web browser and some cash – or sometimes not even that if they’re happy to work with the freely available templates available online. As a result, the internet has become populated with a multitude of self proclaimed web designers responsible for an even larger amount of very poorly and distastefully constructed websites. Needless to say, the line between amateur webpage designers and professional website designers is dangerously blurred which can make the process of finding a good one increasingly difficult.

However, before you start to feel that finding a professional web designer will be impossible, it will help you to know that, in recent times, many mature and well-trained web page designers have made attempts to distance themselves and their profession from the inexperienced amateurs and can often be found to publicise their recent outstanding work in online portfolios and blog sites.

The W3C has also assisted in monitoring the professionalism of webpage designers by establishing and enforcing design standards that are comprehensive and compatible with all the latest web browsers and mobile platforms, so when contemplating how to find a quality, professional web designer, ensuring they adhere to W3C standards is a great place to start. However, as well as understanding and implementing the necessary web scripts, design principles and industry rules, a professional web designer must be able to combine a range of skills such as graphic design, color theory, photography and typography.

Before commencing any website project, you should definitely make sure you are able to view a portfolio of websites the designer has completed in the past, and that you are satisfied with the quality of the websites you are shown, because it’s essential that website designers are creative as well as following professional standards.

Freelance Web and Graphic Design

Over the years, it has been a process of elimination, but I’ve noticed that some of the things we have done over the years are so simple, and seem to be basic business sense, but they continue to give us an edge in this industry and provide Innovated Media with some selling points that separate us from other firms. Here are a few of them:

Get and Stay Organized

Web designers, graphic designers, and freelancers in any type of creative industry tend to be grossly unorganized. It’s kind of a cliche’, I know, but get organized, and more importantly, appear to be organized. I have a few talented design friends that have zero organizational skills. The desktop on their computers was horrific! If they didn’t have a way to search and find files on their computer, they’d be lost in 5 seconds. It doesn’t surprise me that they are always contacting me to see if I have work for them to do. Your clients want to know that they can count on you to deliver what you said you could deliver without being scatterbrained and forgetting small details. This is impossible to do if you don’t have good systems in place to handle new leads and proposals, invoices and receivables, and a heavy production schedule.

Return Phone Calls and Emails in a Timely Manner

If you tell a client or potential client that you’ll call them tomorrow, then do it. Take less than 12 hours to respond to an email, even if you don’t have an answer for them right away…tell them you don’t know right now and you’ll get back with them. This is huge.

Be Reachable

Your clients need to know they can reach you personally without difficulty. It’s best to set expectations with them, however. Explain to them that you don’t take phone calls during certain hours while you are doing production work. But if they know that when they call, you are going to answer the phone, it will foster a better relationship and you’ll have a better shot at creating a long-term client, which is the goal. We tell our clients it’s best to email because no matter where I am I can check and respond to email, and I like to have a record of my conversations. This way if there are action items that come from a conversation or request for work for us to do, I won’t have to set a calendar appointment to complete the task; it’s already waiting for me in my inbox.

Check in On Your Clients Regularly

If you haven’t heard from a client in 45 days, check in on them. This is pretty self-explanatory, but I will say that most of the clients that don’t contact us regularly almost always have a project in mind or they know someone that does. Keeping in touch with clients keeps your name in front of them, and before long, they’ll realize that they can bring all of their projects to you-not just the type of stuff you’ve done for them in the past. I’ve met successful entrepreneurs that had businesses that were ready to launch, but couldn’t get their web designer to call them back. Pathetic! And yes, I got their businesses.

Getting Referrals

In addition, your clients are connected with other people and business owners that need logo designs, print materials, websites, Internet marketing, etc. I have had countless conversations with clients while checking on them (asking them how business is doing, etc.) and the conversation turned into how their brother in law or co-worker is starting a new company and needs a new website. Got ’em. Checking in on your clients should keep you more than just busy, and that’s money in your pocket. It will also keep your advertising budget way down. When most of your new projects come from referrals, you can get by and spend very little on advertising for your company. Innovated Media spends less than $300 a year on advertising, and most of that money goes to directories like Merchant Circle.

Upsell to Your Existing Clients

Because this industry is still evolving so rapidly with the onset of social media, mobile devices (iPhone, Android, iPad, etc.) and just in a general sense, you should never be finished with a client once you complete a website design or print design. Because of the way that we approach new projects, we are constantly learning new and more efficient ways to build websites and, in the process, discover some pretty nice bells and whistles that many of our existing clients could easily benefit from. Once you find a way for your clients to benefit from these upgrades, contact them and tell them about a new way that they can make their website more user-friendly, generate more leads, or incorporate something new that will give them an edge over their competitors online. It’s a much easier sell than going out to find contracts on new websites. Chances are you’ve already gained the client’s trust and have performed well enough on past projects that they will agree to your recommendation(s) to move forward with little hesitation.


For example, even though you installed a blog on your client’s website, I’m willing to bet that they aren’t using it, which is doing more harm than good by not having any content on their blog. Or, if they are blogging, there is an extremely good chance that their posts are so poorly optimized that they aren’t seeing any additional organic traffic from them. Tell them you’ll charge them a flat rate every month to blog for them (creating residual for you) if they provide you with the articles and resources that they use to add content to their blog. Or, you could offer to optimize their blog posts at the end of each month and ensure that search engines at least notice their work. This is easy work to do for a seasoned web designer, it frees up your client’s time to focus on daily operations, and it will help them in the search engines. It’s a win-win.

Work from Home if You Can

Having an office with other people that work for you sounds like fun and a good way to go, but if designing is what you enjoy, you won’t be doing very much of it. If your dream is to build an empire, then do it. But if you enjoy the production, the designing, the coding, and being in the middle of launching sites and projects, do the home thing.

Tax Benefits

There are good tax benefits available when working out of your home office; just make sure you have a good accountant or tax person that shoots straight with you regarding deductions, and especially help you determine how much you should set aside to pay quarterly or annual taxes.

Be Disciplined

It takes discipline to work out of your home, so if you aren’t a disciplined person, it’s best to find a place in your home where there isn’t a TV or other things that may distract you from getting your work done. I have gone through periods where I work at night from about 10pm – 6am. This way, I don’t get any emails, phone calls, or unexpected visits when I am trying to work. I spend the daytime taking clients to lunch, attending meetings, and playing with my son.

Setting Boundaries

The biggest disadvantage of working from home is that people rarely respect your work hours. Friends and family will assume that since you work from home you are available to help them with almost anything. This is part of the reason that I work at night. People rarely need your help at 2am, and I’m awake for a portion in the daytime to help them with things like moving furniture, watching kids, jump-starting a friend’s dead car, etc. My advice is to set boundaries and enforce them. You wouldn’t ask them to leave work to help you with something that can wait for a later time, and they shouldn’t either. This has been my biggest hurdle to overcome without hurting people’s feelings. People that work for someone else and actually drive to work will not understand when you try to enforce a level of respect they had no idea they weren’t giving, so walk carefully. You don’t want to lose friendships or hurt the feelings of people that you care about.

Get a Mac

Yes, they are more expensive…and worth every penny. I’d rather work construction than run Innovated Media in a PC environment. The machines run better, last longer, the customer support is by far better than speaking to an outsourced call center in India that starts out the support call with “Ok sir please make sure the computer is plugged in and the light is green.” Additionally, you won’t have to worry about computer viruses shutting down operations. ‘Nuff said.

In Closing

Well, hopefully my little list of personal experiences can help you avoid some of the mistakes that many freelancers make, and get you on the road to being a successful self-employed freelance graphic or web designer. I never intended to start a Tulsa web design or a Tulsa graphic design company. Graphic and web design was a hobby – nothing more than a “video game” that I did in my spare time for fun to relieve stress. Now it is the fastest growing thing in my life and probably the source of most of my stress